Fourth Club Dinner

Date: 22 November 2008

Location: Hotel Cascais Miragem

Yet another exquisite dinner this time held at the Hotel Cascais Miragem. Cocoa and chocolate intricacies made up the menu prepared by Executive Chef Peter Beckers and the Head of Pastries Elias Silva, thoroughly put together with a great selection of wines and a Moscatel of Greek origin which accompanied the dessert.

Cascais é d'Ouro

Date: 7,8 & 9 November 2008

Location: Fortaleza da Cidadela de Cascais

At the invitation of the Department of Economic Activities of the Municipality of Cascais, the Cocoa Club of Portugal was represented at an event full of sophistication and glamor associated with culture and traditions, as well as creativity and new trends in various economic sectors.

All related with gourmet, was an additional teaching space where Cassilda Alves gave mini-workshops on cocoa and chocolate to some 400 students from schools from the Cascais area. The Club promoted the marketing of high-quality chocolates, showing yet an exquisite selection of chocolate cakes decorated with cocoa and chocolate of the highest quality.


Margarida Tavares de Castro

Luís Lopes da Fonseca

Odete Lopes Estêvão

Nuno Ferreira

Rui Moreira e

Laura Marques - CASTA LUSA, Chocolates: rui.moreira@oninetspeed.pt

Maria Empis

Cassilda Beltrán Alves

Ana Guerra

Workshop - From fruit to Chocolate

Date: 4 November 2008

Location: Hotel Real Palácio - Lisboa

During the the event “Quinzena do Chocolate”, which took place between the 3rd and 14th of November at Hotel Real Palácio in Lisbon, our Club was invited to participate in running a workshop about cocoa and chocolate.

12th Session

Date: 8 October 2008

Location: Palácio Estoril Hotel

Confraria Atlântica do Chá” - An interesting presentation given by the Vice-President of this Confraternity, Dr. Graça Borges, about their activities.

 "The Origins of Tea" - a prepared speech about the curious world of tea, its varieties and rituals, conducted by Dr. Ana Rita Pampulim of the "First Flush - The Spirit of Tea", which also organized a tea tasting session.

"Petits Fours" - One of the main attractions at the exquisite Palácio Estoril Hotel is the highly-regarded creations of their pastry department, headed by Master Chef of Pastry José Nunes who was more than willing to exhibit these. A series of delightful petits fours prepared with chocolate, were savored along with teas most adequate for the occasion

Visit to the Moura de Arraiolos Cellar

Date: 20 September 2008

Location: Arraiolos

At the invitation of the Director of National Marketing of this particular cellar, one of the largest and most successful of the Alentejo, the Club could provide a group of members with an enjoyable and educational tour. 

Along with the wine tasting, a selection of the finest cuisine from this region provided the perfect combination. Without fail, there were bonbons and desserts to be savored created by Chef António Melgão, from the Pastelaria Capri de Montemor-o-Novo.

Pasta and Chocolate

Date: 24 June 2008

Location: FRANCESCA – Ristorante di Pasta - Lisbon

The Cocoa Club of Portugal was present at the opening of this new restaurant, owned by one of its memebers.

A delicious dinner comprised of various types of pasta and tasty desserts with chocolate, accompanied by a selected red wine.

“FRANCESCA – Ristorante di Pasta”

Campo Pequeno, 11 C

1000 Lisboa

Tel/Fax. 21 782 00 37

11th Session

Date: 6 May 2008

Location: Hotel Ritz Four Seasons, Lisbon

"Cacao Sampaka" -A representive of this Spanish brand, Miquel Manzano, spoke about the history of the brand and provided an interesting chocolate and bonbons tasting.

"The Trade of Chocolate" - Speech delivered by Dr. Philippa Secretin, Vice-Chairman of the FCC - European Association of Cocoa and is a cocoa trader in the Nederlands.

“Gâteau Chlöe” - Johannes Bonin, Pastry Chef at the Ritz Hotel, presented and delighted the guests with a delicious creation which main ingredients included chocolate and dried fruit.

“Cava Freixenet Brut Rosé” – The product Manager of Freixenet, Dr. Pedro Lobo Antunes, presented this cava distributed by Vinicom, which went down well with an enjoyable dessert.

Flower Festival

Date: 3 & 4 May 2008

Location: Fortaleza da Cidadela de Cascais

Among flowers, aromas and flavors over Mothers Day week-end, the Cocoa Club of Portugal was invited by the Municipality of Cascais, to promote an area with various activities.

In addition to an exposition of ingredients that make up chocolate, which were provided with a brief explanation, various brands of chocolate and chocolate artisans were represented at the event.

Thus, everyone who visited this event, in addition to learning something new about cocoa and chocolate, could have a taste of the chocolates and original cakes which were made from top quality products.

Collaborators and Sponsors:



The Health Benefits of Cocoa and Chocolate

Date: 29 April 2008

Location: Centro de Saúde de Cascais

Nurse Neuza of the Cascais Health Center invited the Club to clarify information on the benefits of cocoa and chocolate to a group of seniors from the County.

10th Session

Date: 13 March 2008

Location: Wine O' Clock

"The Wine O 'Clock Concept" - Carlos Jorge, responsible for the store in Lisbon, had an interesting space dedicated to the marketing of wine.

"Chocolate Zotter" - An exhibition and tasting of this Austrian brand of chocolate took place under the orientation of Maria Joao Barros, the brand representative here in Portugal.

"Presentation by the Symington Group" - A tasting of several wines marketed by this group, - The Altano, Douro, LBV Graham’s and Tawny Graham’s along with dessert.

 "The Color of Chocolate" - Chocolatier Joaquim Sequeira created for this edition two superb desserts: "Chocolate and Cinnamon Entremet" and "Chocolate Milk with various textures over almond and hazelnut praline."

Americans in Portugal - Luncheon

Date: 6 February 2008

Location: Centro Cultural de Cascais

At the invitation of this prestigious American community club in Portugal, the President of the Cacau Clube held a lecture about cocoa and chocolate as well as a chocolate tasting.

3rd Annual Dinner

Date: 30 January 2008

Location: Pestana Palace Lisbon

"A fusion of Aromas and Flavors, Sweet and Savoury" - In a palace full of chandeliers and history, the magic of this combination with a touch of molecular gastronomy, inspired the Chefs Aimé Barroyer and Joaquim de Sousa to create a range of delicious recipes that ingeniously combined chocolate and cocoa with other ingredients.

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